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JJ Yosh

JJ Yosh

JJ Yosh

Home Base
Boulder + LA
Outdoor Survivalist, Adventure Filmmaker, Chemical Engineer, Trained Mountaineer and Climber
Years on Atlas Racing

Ever since I can imagine, I have dreamt of a world where cities would be built with nature instead of against it. My early fascination with ancient civilizations, the environment, and the great outdoors drove me to search for eco-friendly solutions to better our world.

Over the last 10 years, I have found myself emersed in endless adventures around the world, whether it be climbing mountains, backpacking through forests, or kayaking across the ocean. There is something so pure about the wilderness that keeps calling me back. I cannot get enough. The more I seek to explore the world, the more I understand why I am truly here and how important it is to help our planet.

My core philosophy is...you must experience the outdoors to appreciate it which is why I am on life mission to using storytelling media (Films, TV) as my way to inspire people to get outdoors and live in harmony with the earth. I feel media is a really good tool to attract many more people to the outdoors and to living more green.

I am motivated and ready to go to any extremes physically and mentally that are necessary to visually capture the story whether that be climbing active volcanoes, living amongst lost tribes, exploring forbidden ruins, and diving into the unknown.


I have climbed most of the fourteen thousand foot peaks in California, and climbed peaks in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, Utah, British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon, Mexico, Sweden, Indonesia, Thailand, and 20,000 foot peaks in Bolivia.

-I would say my biggest achievement is my climb in Bolivia up the Illimani over 21,000 feet.

- In 2007, I traveled from the lowest point of North America, Death Valley to the highest point Denali in Alaska filming our expedition. The goal of this journey was to travel sustainably. Everything from our clothes to our food to even our gear had to carry an eco-friendly footprint.

-In 2008, I produced a fun web series, called “Flat Broke Green,” it was a comical series demonstrating how to be green on a budget. For the past couple years my main focus has been developing an adventure series called, "Ancient Tomorrow," which is all about rediscovering our past to live for tomorrow.

Season Goals
My main project for the past couple of years has been a TV series called Ancient Tomorrow. Ancient Tomorrow is a documentary series that follows my team of investigators on adventures around the world as we try to prove the ancient pyramids were at one time power plants. We are currently finalizing distribution for a television release.

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